TODA - Toddler Yoga

New program! This amazing class group is for toddlers and one caregiver to stretch, play and have amazing quality time together!

New Programs

Take a look at the new and updated programs we are now offering underneath our SERVICES dropdown.

Bootcamp Is Back!

Due to popular demand, our bootcamp classes have returned! Now with MORE times, MORE classes and MORE fun!

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Why Durham Fitness Training?

Durham Fitness Training has the best trainers and fitness coaches available in Durham Region for men and women. They are real people who have children, families and each has made fitness and wellness a priority. They feel that if the cobbler has holes in his shoes, then stay away! Each trainer knows good fitness and eating habits are not something to be tried once in a while because every workout and every meal counts!  They all look forward to motivating, helping and watching you reach your goals!

Our Support

You can look forward to the following in Durham Fitness Training classes:

  • Support from your trainer as needed via email and Facebook (unlimited)
  • Workouts for off weeks posted on Facebook
  • Nutrition guidance as needed
  • Learn Perfect form for all exercise and have lots of one on one during workouts

Our Results

  • Up to 16 lbs weight reduction ( or more depending on your goals and nutrition)
  • 3-6 inches reduced in your thighs, midsection, and arms and hips
  • Better sleep at night, better energy during the day, gained confidence
  • 25 - 100% increase in strength and stamina
  • Less stress
  • Lose body fat which will make your skin look nice and smooth