Natalie Wood

About Natalie

I am a mother of 3 with a 23 year gap between my eldest and youngest (who is 2), I had a past that I do not tell many about because it was not until I started helping others that LIFE truly began. Before I was a coach and trainer I was always “searching” for my life purpose and with this came a lot of heartache, self-sabotage and pain. The empathy and understanding I have for people with “issues, struggles, hanging onto the past, and repeating the same patterns of “un” self love was me for many years of my earlier life. (There is so much to tell, but I will keep it inspiring!)

My goals are to inspire moms, dads, children, teens, EVERYONE to be the best they can through making fantastic choices to live a long healthy life!

I have been teaching and coaching people through fitness/ wellness for over 15 years! I am also a figure competitor and fitness model and placed first and second in my first shows.

I started my “fitness career” many years ago but took it to a whole new level with opening the first Cardiocore Bootcamp in Ontario over 8 years ago and played an integral role in the successful opening of 4 other locations across Ontario. Then I opened “Durham Fitness Training” in Jan 2011 to incorporate nutrition and mindset coaching into programs for clients.


  • Gold Level Weight training Certification (OFC)
  • Gold Level Personal Trainer (OFC)
  • Gold Level Group Trainer ( OFC)
  • Kickboxing
  • Kids programming
  • CPR and First Aid Level C Certified
  • Level One Coaching Certification
  • Nutrition Sciences for Athletes
  • Wellness and Mindset Coach (Helping people who struggle and who have a tough time in life)

Future and Present Goals

  • Motivational speaker
  • Full time mindset coach for individuals and business owners
  • Decorate my house!
  • To own a small property in Northern Ontario for all of my friends and family to use.
  • To compete again
  • Eat a GREAT big juicy …………. ( apple) lol……kidding! to taste a mussel and oyster ( the thought makes me feel very sick , I would NOT do well on “Fear Factor”)
  • To go to St. Anne’s Spa for a weekend ( ahhhhhhh)
  • To be one of the most fit 60 year olds
  • To be on the cover of a magazine
  • To get my motorcycle license