TODA – Toddler Yoga

appleTODA (“tod”dler yog”a”)

(Isabella ( my under 2 year old came up with this brilliant name when I was telling her all about the benefits of “yoga” she said “toda” thus “tod”dler yog”a” is born.)

clockAbout the Class

This is an amazing group class for toddlers and one caregiver.
Stretch, play and have amazing quality time together! Get those little ones learning, moving, playing and being their best right form the start (it all begins at a young age…give them the best because they are worth it and so are you!

“The children trained in yoga showed greater improvement in areas of attention and hyperactivity as well as homework compliance,” said lead author Meera Balasubramaniam, MD, a psychiatrist at the NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan. “In addition, one of the studies in our review also mentions that parents were able to employ yoga techniques for de-escalation of behavioral problems in children.”

bootcamp classesWhat does a session look like?

  • Max 10 people per session (including caregivers + kids)
  • Fun play
  • Stretching

bootcamp ratesTODA Rates

$199 – 12 classes (3 class/week)

bootcamp calendar


Monday, Wednesday & Friday
10:00am – (45 Minutes)